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Company Profile

Veblen Wines Ltd was established in November 2008 acting as a service provider in the fine wine marketplace, and are specialists in buying, selling and valuing the wines of Bordeaux.  

We assist private individuals in managing, servicing and trading their interest in fine wine.

We are trading members of the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex). This is the fine wine trading exchange, which has over 350 members globally. These members make up 80% of the estimated 3.4 billion euros (source: CIVB as at 2014) of fine wine traded annually. 


Our advisory service uses the Liv-Ex platform for our members. Veblen Wines is a licenced member of Liv-Ex, here we access the markets liquidity, prices and quality control. 

Clearing and settlement is undertaken by Vine International, wholly owned subsidiary of Liv-Ex for trades conducted via the exchange. 

Accountable -  Personal -  Dependable

Our Principles

We seek to conduct our business with the highest levels of integrity, transparency and performance.

As a priority we work arduously to deliver the highest standards of service available to our clients who invest in Fine Wine to preserve trust and enhance the relationship.


Sponsors & Charity

We sponsor local entities to give back to communities and invest in the future generation. Click here for details.

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