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Wine Investment Service

Explore the lucrative world of fine wine consumption/ investment with our friendly staff. Whether you have a specific wine of choice, or need assistance with your wine portfolio we will be more than happy to help.

Our services at Veblen Wine aim to help you the consumer, and for you to build confidence in the fine wine market where you have the ability to receive all of the below listed services in an easy and straight forward manner. Some interests may include, but also not limited to, orders for specific Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, valuing your wine portfolio, selling your wine, storing your wine, coupled with wine investment advice and wine news. If you have a specific wine of interest we will access the market for you and bring you prices and availability for your consideration.

For corporate accounts you receive all the above, and we also provide a service whereby you can have wines delivered to your customers/ clients for special occasions, events or gifts . Please simply enquire within for more information. Please note that we will give you financial or tax advice.

Wine Investment Service

An Alternative Investment

Fine wine is an excellent alternative investment, having outperformed mainstream investments consistently. Its low correlation to other markets, rarity factor, and potential tax benefits** with proven results is now becoming increasingly popular with investors who want to diversify the portfolio.

(**Buying and keeping your wine ‘in bond’ means your investment will not be subject to Excise Duty or VAT. Furthermore, as wine is classed as a wasting asset it is potentially free of Capital Gains Tax.)

Safe Haven

In 2008, the financial markets were in freefall due to the sub-prime mortgage markets, investment in fine wine was very stable due to its low correlation with equities, stocks and bonds. We are now seeing the same historical performance since COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine.

Supply, Demand, Law & Critics

Globally, demand for fine wines is increasing year on year, and the supply is finite for Bordeaux especially. Under the 1855 classification, no chateau in Bordeaux is permitted to produce more than 25,000 cases of wine each year (equivalent to 12x75cl bottles), and in many brands the production levels are much less. For example, Chateau Le Pin only produces 500 cases each year, and the 1982 vintage is now worth over £100,000.00

Due to the Atlantic climate, each year brings varied weather conditions, for example, in 2003 the heat wave obliterated some chateaus yield, in turn forcing certain estates to reduce production levels to half. If we consider Chateau Latour, a first growth form Pauillac, normally they produce up to 19,000 cases, in 2003 they only produced 10,600 cases to preserve their quality. We have provided some wine pages of sought after investment grade stock that will give you a further insight in to not only production levels, but vintages that are worth your consideration. We play very close attention to critics in the industry who periodically review and rate wines, enabling us to narrow our selection for investment purposes tailored to your needs.

Tangible Wasting Asset Class**

Over the last 30 years wine is one of the best performing assets with a double digit CAGR (data taken from Liv-Ex Investables Index). As a tangible asset wine will always have an intrinsic value. You will also benefit from storing your wine in a Government Bonded Warehouse, here you will have the option to insure your wines to market value, receive condition reports on your wine and more importantly trade your wines without duty being applied or VAT which is significant to maximise your returns. If you wish to drink these wines then we will arrange to have the Excise duty and VAT paid.

(**Wine is sometimes classed as a wasting asset, making it potentially exempt from capital gains tax. To make sure you make the most of your investment we advise you to seek professional tax advice.)

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