"Liv-ex is the global marketplace for professional buyers and sellers of fine wine. providing accurate, real-time wine transaction prices to merchants and negociants, courtiers and producers."
Liv-Ex gives give merchant members access to over £80m of live opportunities and allow them to trade with over 550 members worldwide.  The most trusted database of fine wine prices globally. The leading benchmark for the industry and used to value wine independently.


Liv-ex data is based on the activity of over 550 fine wine trade professionals in over 35 countries worldwide. 


Trades, price updates, bids and offers are standardised, verified and published as tens of millions of historic lines, with thousands of daily updates of reliable, independent and trusted data.


Liv-Ex is the leading benchmark for the fine wine industry, recognised by Bloomberg and declared by Reuters. 

Our services at Veblen Wine aim to help you the consumer, and for you to build confidence in the fine wine market where you have the ability to do all of the following here at the company in an easy and straight forward process. Some interests may include, but also not limited to, value my wine portfolio, sell my wine,  store my wine, coupled with wine investment and wine news.