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Our Selection Approach


  • The potential returns are conservatively presented at 8 – 15% per annum with Veblen Wines Ltd.


  • Portfolios are typically positioned over the medium to long term.


  • During your investment period we firmly believe in short term opportunities being presented that can maximise the returns on your portfolio and reduce credit risk. Below are two charts representing some of the performance figures we achieved recently.

Anchor 1


  • There is no fixed term on your portfolio and your investment may be redeemed at market value any time. You may liquidate your portfolio in part or full at any time with funds being paid to you on the 21st day of the following month.


  • We look to outperform the market and are very active (when appropriate) on trading our clients’ portfolios through our stock selection strategy - due to our integration on the exchange we can execute trades with immediate effect on your portfolio to maximise the returns on any investment that you make. Below is a chart representing a stock we have traded over the long term since we were established in November 2008. We recently sold this stock at an all-time record price of £12,900 on Monday 29th February 2016 @ 18.36hrs.




  • Your personal consultant will work closely with you to bring suitable recommendations from the analysis department to get you the best out of this market. In layman’s terms due to working on the exchange we are at the forefront of any movements and can capture trades before the news even hits the main market.



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