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Liv-ex 50: 317.03 (-0.11%) | Liv-ex 100: 276.83 (2.88%) | Liv-ex 1000: 281.62 (3.04%)

Next week, after the Labour Day holiday in the US, global markets will officially be back to work. It has been quite a summer. Since the Brexit vote at the end of June, currency markets have set the agenda. The shock result sent central bankers rushing to the news rooms to declare further monetary policy easing.

Equity markets bounced hard - in the US they hit all time highs. Sterling sank, the dollar firmed. Fine wine prices shot up.August is often the slowest month in the fine wine calendar. Not so in 2016, according to Liv-ex members. Transactions through the market rose 27% on last year. First Growths lead prices higher. The Liv-ex 100 closed up 2.9% - its ninth consecutive monthly gain.

Year to date, the benchmark is up 16%. Perhaps more surprising still, with Bordeaux no longer a drag on the broader market, the Liv-ex 1000 hit a new all time high in August. This time last year, buyers were thin on the ground. Today bids outnumber offers by nearly two to one.

The market is making monthly gains not seen since the raging bull market of 2010. Is it sustainable? As we enter the Fall, we are sure to find out.

Liv-ex 1000 - 10 years

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