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Liv-Ex - Pape Clement 2012 Performance

Re posted from the 16th August 2016

The Pape Clement 2012 chart below was taken from Liv-Ex in August of 2016.

We believe this to be one of the star performers over the short to medium term and we will be offering our next tranche later this year.

The below extract was compiled by Liv-Ex in August 2016;

One year ago it was observed that Pape Clement 2012 offered relative value as one of the top five Bordeaux reds in Robert Parker’s in-bottle report of the 2012 vintage. He upgraded it to 97 points from a barrel range of 92-95 points and described it as “a candidate for near-perfection”.

Pape Clement 2012 is the fourth most visited wine page of the 2012 vintage on Liv-ex this year. It has seen significant activity following the improved score and has risen 17.4% from a Market Price of £511 per 12×75 in August 2015. As the table below suggests, it still offers relative value against similar rated 2012 vintages at a current Market Price of £600.

As a brand, Pape Clement has been gaining the attention of buyers and critics alike. The 2015 was awarded 95-97 points by Neal Martin and was “highly recommended”. In April this year, Parker rated the 2009 vintage 100 points in the Hedonist’s Gazette, having previously scored it 95 points. It has since risen 52.6% and last traded at £1,275. The 100-point 2010 vintage last traded at £1,460

6 weeks on and we have decided to review the performance of the Pape Clement 2012. Will the rise continue?

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