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Liv-Ex - Power 100

2016 Power 100: First Come First Growths

In conjunction with The Drinks Business, Liv-ex has released the eleventh edition of the Liv-ex Power 100 – the annual list of the most powerful brands in the fine wine market.

The Drinks Business’s full report on this year’s Power 100 will be published in the magazine’s December edition.

Key findings this year:

  • Bordeaux has regained its position as the big hitter in the Liv-ex Power 100, and the top five brands are the five First Growths.

  • The last time the First Growths took all the top slots was in 2010. That was at the peak of the fine wine market

  • 57 of 100 wines are from Bordeaux; 19 from Burgundy; 9 from Italy; 6 from Champagne and 9 from other regions.

  • The Fine Wine market continues to broaden with collectors seeing investment potential in the top brands from Tuscany, Piedmonte and Champagne.

  • Buyer diversification continues, with the variety of wines and vintages traded wider than ever before. This year 670 brands traded, up 265 on the previous year. Of the brands, 199 qualified for the 2016 ranking, an increase of 19.8% on 2015.

To calculate the scores, we took a list of all wines that traded on Liv-ex in the last year (1st September 2015 – 31st August 2016) and grouped these by brand. We then identified brands that had traded a minimum of three wines or vintages and a total trade value of at least £10,000. Brands were ranked using four criteria: year on year price performance, trading performance on Liv-ex (value and volume traded), the number of different wines and vintages traded, and the average price.

The individual rankings were then combined with a weighting of one for each criterion, except trading performance which had a weighting of 1.5 (as it combined two criteria: value and volume traded). The final 100 brands accounted for over 2,046 unique wines and vintages traded in the past year.

Below are the results in full for the 2016 Liv-ex Power 100

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