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Talking Trade: Bordeaux bounces back, 2014 in focus

Bordeaux activity picked up this week with the region taking 68.7% of trade by value. Overall, trade by value was higher, but trade by volume edged lower as buyers focused on high value brands. The Fine Wine 50 dipped (-0.1%), closing Thursday at 336.92.

Bordeaux’s bounce back included a number of 2014s with Lafite 2014 (WA 94-96) and Cheval Blanc 2014 (WA 95-97) among the top wines traded by value. Cheval Blanc is one of the top-scoring wines of the vintage.

High-scoring Montrose 2014 (WA 95-97) also found the bid. It was released above expectations at £850 per 12×75 – making it the fourth most expensive vintage on the market at the time. The wine is now up 8% and last traded at £914.

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