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Liv-Ex - Market Update

Talking Trade: Liv-ex 1000 increases 1.2% in May

The Liv-ex 1000 Index – the broadest measure of the fine wine market – closed May 2017 at another record high of 310.57. This is a 1.2% increase on April’s close of 306.81 and the eighteenth consecutive month where the index has risen.

Within the Liv-ex 1000, all the sub-indices made gains this month. The Burgundy 150 was the best performer, up a strong 2.6% after dipping slightly in April. The Bordeaux Legends 50 was the slowest mover, gaining just 0.1%.

Year to date, the Champagne 50 has risen the most – up 6.6% – with the Italy 100 close behind.

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