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Pavie 2004 - New Record highs!

Please see the most recent chart of Chateau Pavie 2004 taken from Liv-ex as at 06/08/2017 (see below chart 1).

On 02/08/2017 Pavie 2004 traded at a record level of £2,491.00, up from a price of £1,670.00 this time 2 years ago.

If we look at today's BID which is now even higher at a price £2,516.00, this individual stock has returned over 50% in gross terms on the market in just over 2 years, significantly outperforming the Liv-Ex 100 index.

Data shown on the chart taken from the 31/07/2005 represents a price increase of 233.3% to present date.

Chart 1

Lets now take a look at the Pavie 2004 with a chart taken from Liv-ex up to the end of August in 2015 (see below chart 2).

Chart 2

The Pavie 2004 was last tasted by Robert Parker in August 2015 and scored only 94 points, after being downgraded from 95 and 95 - 97 in 2007 and 2006 respectively.

According to data taken from Liv-ex there is less than 16 cases available on members stocklist, marking this a truly rare wine in quantity for the vintage.

Pavie is consistently performing, is undervalued and a key performer for any wine collectors portfolio.

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