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Liv-ex 50: 265.34 (+0.17%) Liv-ex 100: 238.26 (+ 0.66%) Liv-ex 1000: 244.55 (Nov)

Happy New Year to you all. As the daily chart of the Liv-ex 50 below suggests and as the December Liv-ex 100 numbers confirm, there is some cause for celebration as we kick off 2016.

The Liv-ex 100 closed December 2015 up 0.7%, which although still marks a down year for the index, the decline could be described as a mere rounding error. The fall on the year was all of 0.1%. So let's call that flat!

Four years of declines and now one year of flat. Does this hint at a turn in the market's fortunes?

Liv-ex 50 index - Jan 4th 2016 close

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