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Liv-ex 50: 267.77 (-0.20%) Liv-ex 100: 238.26 (+ 0.66%) Liv-ex 1000: 245.22 (+0.27)

Last night oil dropped below $30 a barrel for the first time sine April 2004. The move sparked another sell off in US equities and a follow on rout on Asian bourses.

What's it all about? Cheap fuel is good for growth, right? The problem it seems, is that cheap fuel combined with cheap imports from China (Yuan devaluation) results in deflation. And deflation, when you have a world top-full of debt, is a bit of a worry.

So people are freaking out, and are looking for safe havens. The chart below identifies one. After five years of relative misery, Fine Wine is having its moment in the sun. Long may it last.

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