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Liv-ex 50: 269.05 (+ 0.12%) Liv-ex 100: 238.26 (+ 0.66%) Liv-ex 1000: 245.22 (+ 0.27%)

It seems to be a story with no end. Fears over China's growth continue to mount, oil continues to tumble and global equities continue to slide. The Hang Seng Index today hit a three year low. In many commentator's eyes, we are entering a global bear market. (Technically an index must fall 20% to enter a bear market - Europe is just shy, Hong Kong is deep within).

Less talked about, but no less remarkable has been the performance of the Pound this year - against the Euro and the Dollar it has fallen 5% and 3% respectively. Meanwhile the Liv-ex 50 has risen 2% - an encouraging performance against a backdrop of financial turmoil, but would things look so rosy without the help of currency movements?

And what does a weak Pound (or strong Euro) mean for the fast approaching Bordeaux 2015 campaign? The Fine Wine market has weathered the storm thus far, but headwinds remain. Beyond the stoic performance of the Liv-ex 50 there is some other encouraging news. The bid/offer activity on the market continues to grow, led by a strong build in bids, and now stands at £27.3m, a rise of £3.6m this year. No mean feat given the global backdrop.

Liv-ex 50 index close 19th Jan 2016

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