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Liv-ex 50: 308.83 (0.01%)

Liv-ex 100: 269.07 (3.60%)

Liv-ex 1000: 273.30 (3.39%)

With another Olympic Games just around the corner, looking back to the last games in 2012, the market is certainly in a much sturdier position.

The new index levels are now updated and confirmed for July, we find the market and prices at a level not see since July 2011 (Liv-ex 1000) and August 2013 (Liv-ex 100). For the Liv-ex 100, the July rise of 3.60% was the greatest increase since July 2011. Exposure in July reached record levels with the current bid offer ratio at 1.5.

So with August normally being a month for rest and recuperation, the market seems to be taking on the Olympic motto of faster, higher, stronger. Should you be lucky enough to find yourself away from the desk this August, consider loading up some live offers on the exchange before you leave and take advantage of the £21million+ of bids currently on the exchange. Liv-ex 100 & Liv-ex 1000 July 31st 2016

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