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Liv-ex wins supply chain initiative award for Wine Matcher

Liv-ex is pleased to announce that it has won the drinks business 2017 Supply Chain Initiative of the Year award for Wine Matcher, which will become available to Liv-ex members in June.

Wine Matcher is a machine learning* tool for the wine industry that allows merchants to take lists and transform them into a standardised set of wine names and formats with unique IDs (LWINs). These IDs can easily be shared with other systems, used to download price data from Liv-ex, or entered into a database for comparison in a matter of minutes.

Wine Matcher automates the highly labour intensive and manual process of valuing lists of wine for trading and insurance, or preparing packing lists and pre-advices for shipments. It can match up to 5,000 lines of data per minute

Business Analyst Nicholas Palmer and Marketing Assistant Nicola Graham with the award.

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