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Pavie 2003 - New Record highs

Please see the most recent chart of the Pavie 2003 taken from Liv-ex as at 31/7/2017 shown below.

Lets now take a look at the Controversial Pavie 2003, and reflect on this article written in December 2016 by Liv-ex.

Parker power: Controversial Pavie 2003 hits new high

The controversial Pavie 2003 traded at a new high of £2,440 per 12×75 last week after rising substantially this year.

Critic reviews of the vintage have been divided. Jancis Robinson famously scored the wine 12/20 in barrel, calling it “ridiculous”; Robert Parker awarded it 97-100 around the same time.

Parker’s most recent review noted that the wine has “calmed down considerably as it was a blockbuster, somewhat of a Bordeaux fruit bomb in its youth”. He scored it 96. Neal Martin has been less positive, awarding it 88 points and calling it “a bit boring”.

While the wine might have calmed down, prices have not. Followers of Parker do not appear to have been dissuaded: the recent trade represents an increase of 47% on its trade price of £1,655 one year ago.

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