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History of Bordeaux & Educational material

Veblen Wines Ltd - Medium Platform

Wine Investment, Bordeaux history & more.... "Greetings fellow wine lovers, we would like to invite you all to look at a new platform that is bringing excellent information to you for free. The website is called medium, and no advertising takes place here by third parties. The content is provided by Veblen Wines Ltd via their page and will be more educational for collectors, consumers and enthusiasts. Of course, writers will also be available across many other industries and may be useful if you have not already glanced your eye within this domain. Veblen Wines Ltd was established in 2008 and predominantly focuses on 'Wines & Champagnes' of France, with particular attention drawn to Bordeaux. Here you will find content that may be of use to you, or quite simply some easy reading material for those moments when you may wish to sit back and look at the history of Bordeaux in more detail. For those that are interested in the fine wine marketplace and would like to learn more you will be able to access at the touch of a button some very simple educational material to get started and services that may be available to you within the UK, such as storage of wines, checking prices and more." The service is free to join and will hopefully build overtime, if you have any suggestions please feel free to email us and we will consider compiling some stories of interest. Simply click the link and find stories on the following that have already been published;

  • Chateau Latour - Grand Vin

  • Chateau Lafite - Grand Vin

  • Introduction to Fine Wine Investment

  • Liv-ex (The fine wine exchange)

  • UK Storage Facilities (Government Bonded Warehouses)

Going forward Veblen Wines Ltd will aim to build upon the content and bring you more educational material as time passes by. With your support and interest we look forward to developing our ideas further. Please follow us on the page link above if you like what you see. Many thanks all at Veblen Wines.



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